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A Casting Went Wrong - Part 6-7

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Completely in english language! "So, you came to act in a porn movie?", Lady Pascal asks the young and meanwhile totally confused boy. "This is your chance! But first I will fuck your face!", the cruel Mistress says and presents him her huge strap-on.

She commands him to kneel and suck her strap-on and with a sharp pull on his collar she forces him to to as she told. He really starts sucking the huge rubber cock but Lady Pascal expects more passion. She grabs his head and pushes the strap-on deeper in his mouth. She then lays back and while he still sucks the cock she starts humiliating him. "I will fall asleep with that performance. And you wanted to make a porn movie?", she laughts at him and the boy becomes more and more intimidated.

Back in the red room the strap-on training continues. The boy is now kneeling in front of Lady Pascal and still forced to suck the huge rubber strap-on. Until now he is not allowed to touch his cock because the Mistress is still not satisfied with his performance.

Again and again she orders him to suck with more passion and she rams the strap-on deeper and deeper into his mouth. "I will fuck your face!", she repeats to menace and after a long time she commands him to wank now. But of course he may not stop sucking. So in the end the boy is allowed to cum while he sucks Lady Pascal's strap-on...

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