Female Domination

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Harsh Ponyboy Drill - Part 1

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Lady Missy is waiting for her next slave who is in training to become one of her ponyboys. She sits in the sun with Lady Pascal who asks her if she need some spurs for her amazing overknee boots and Lady Missy agrees.

So Lady Pascal walks into her rooms to get a pair of spurs. As she returns from the studio she is not alone. She caughts a man she has never seen before looking around in her private rooms. "Look what I found in my rooms", she says to Lady Missy, "Do you know this creature?"

"Yes I do, it is the ponyboy I am waiting for", Lady Missy answers and comes closer. "What are you doing there? On your knees, NOW!", she shouts at him while Lady Pascal (who is very angry) goes to get two whips for his punishment. "So tell us what you were looking for!", Lady Pascal commands and beats his ass with a severe rubber cane. But the stupid man is not able to answer.

"Stand up and strip!", Lady Missy. He starts to put off his clothes, but not fast enough. "Faster!", Lady Missy shouts at him. "Back on your knees!" Then both Ladies punish him with their painful whips. They really make sure that he will never again enter a room without permission...

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