Female Domination

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Summer Day - Part 1

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Somewhere in the middle of Berlin a masked slaves welcomes Lady Missy in a small park. Lady Missy looks amazing in her skin tight spanish trousers and her metal spiked heels. Her expensive hat perfectly matches her elitist style.

Lady Missy sits down on a bench and without any word the slave kneels down and starts cleaning her wonderful pumps with his tongue. Lady Missy watches him with a casual look. A man down on his knees licking her heels is business as usual for the arrogant lady.

She lights up a cigarette and with a short order she commands the slave up and open his mouth. She snaps the hot ash into his mouth and he must swallow it. Back on his knees the slave keeps on licking her heels but this time she pins her other heel into his back and into his hands. The slave moans in pain.

In the end, the mean Mistress really stomps out the hot cigarette on his tongue. She doesn't smile. It's quite usual...

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