Female Domination

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Slaveboy To Rent - Part 6-7

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Helpless chained to the sailing the poor slaveboy has to endure the torture games from the spoiled Lady Missy. She hardly kicks him into his ball and uses a riding crop to make him moaning in pain. Again and again she raises up his head and gives him hard face slaps.

In the end he must lay down and start wanking his cock. The cruel young lady wants to see his cum after all the torture...

Lady Missy wants the slaveboy to come so he has no pleasure the next days without her. He lays on his back on the floor and is forced to masturbate but in front of his cruel Mistress it is very hard for him. She doesn't stop to verbally humiliate him and that makes his job even harder. At the end he is allowed to touch and lick her black leather boots so he can come, Lady Missy laughts at him because it was only a few cum.

Back in her business dress the spoiled lady commands him to kiss her boot for good bye. The rich woman throws 5 EURO down to the floor. That's all what the slaveboy gets for this painful afternoon...

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