Female Domination

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Slaveboy To Rent - Part 4-5

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After finnishing her make up the spoiled Lady Missy slowly starts the pleasure she has coming for: Torturing the slaveboy! She enters his back and without any mery she tramples the young boy with her sharp, spiked heels. Wearing hot red stiletto pumps which she would never wear on the road, she feels her cruel side growing up and so the boy has to endure hard ball kicks too.

But that's not enough: Lady Missy now jumps on his back while wearing her high heeled pumps!

Later, we are in the dark room of the slave appartement. Here is the place where the spoiled and rich business ladies torture the poor slaveboy. Lady Missy is sitting on the tron like a goddess and the slaveboy must whorship her metal spiked leather boots. Again and again he has to endure salvos of face slaps from the sadistic chick.

For the upcoming action Lady Missy attaches his arms to the chains hanging down from the ceiling and she prepares her target for the fun to come: Extreme hard ball kicking!

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