Female Domination

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Akella's Way To Say Sorry

Mistress Akella slowly comes closer to her slave who is fixed in a metal rack. The blond beauty is dressed in red leather and she simply looks stunning! Well, you would not believe in your ears but Akella says that she thinks she was a little bit too strict with him the last days. That's why she brings him some flowers. Unfortunately you can't see her mean smile as she says that.

And the slave can't see what kind of flowers Akelle has brought for him. As she stands face to face with him she presents him a bouquet of nettles and she laughts at him. Still befuddle by the smell of her leather outfit the slave does not really realize what will happen now.

If you think that Akella will just whip him with the nettles or but the nettles into his panties you are wrong. The mean Mistress also orders him to open his mouth and she puts nettles on his tongue and he has to keep them there while she hurts his body with the nettles...

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