Female Domination

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Blindfolded And Abused

"Slave, come here, step forward, be careful!", Mistress Akella orders and there is that mean smile on her face. She will have so much fun with the slave who comes closer now, step by step because he is blindfolded with a black leather mask. There are cruel clamps with weights on his nipples, a chain is attached to the clamps.

Akella orders him to kneel down now and he takes the chain. She starts shaking and pulling it and the slave's painful reactions really delights her. But that's not enough. She wants to make him suffer more and so she puts one booted foot on his chest to keep him in position while she pulls on the chain much harder.

What a nice sound his moaning is and what a fun to see him trying to escape. But that's still not enough. With a long dressage whip she now starts beating his nipples...

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