Female Domination

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A Cruel Lesson

This clip is called "A Cruel Lesson" but to make it clear: It's nothing else than pure sadism by Mistress Akella. The blond lady with the endless legs presents herself to her strong slave in a skin tight and very short latex dress.

Of course, it only takes a minute until the dick of this save is fully erected. That's what the mean lady wanted to see. Now she can speak about his bad manners and that she is going to teach him a better behave. She grabs his dick and pulls him into another position unti he is the perfect target for cruel ball busting. Boxing his balls with her leather gloved hands already looks more than painful but that's just the beginning.

What follows is a painful "lesson" for this slave. Again and again Akella kicks his balls with her pointy stiletto heels. Or she comes so close to him that he can feel her latex clad body. Just to raise up her knee and give him another hard kick. His gasps for air are mixed with her laugh everytime he breaks down.

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