Female Domination

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The Lawyer - Part 3

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Mr. Schindowsky has been thrown out and Madame Catarina wants to relax now. With a table bell she calls for her butler who has to bring the antik bowl and fill up the can with warm water. The butler then has to put off the lady's nylons very carefully and wash and towel her feet while the Mistress has a cigarette and watches arrogantly down on her slave's service.

After the washing, the butler has to cream and massage the Lady's feet. The mistress commands him to bring a pair of new nylons. After the butler returns he has to put on the luxury black nylons (of course also with seams) and attach them to the garter belt. He has to do this absolutly meticulous or he will be punished. Of course the butler has to wear white gloves because he must not touch Madame Catarina's skin.

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