Female Domination

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The Lawyer - Part 1

Story Picture

See Madame Catarina as a perfidious German lawyer who "helps" her clients in a very special way! She uses her female charms and anesthesia drops to make men helpless objects that are then corrected by her very stern educational methods.

In the first part you can see the private butler for the Mistress working in her luxurious office. Madame Catarina while driving back home, in her black sports car, calls her butler on her cell phone and tells him that a new client (victim) will arrive in 20 minutes. She commands her butler to prepare everything, including the drink with the anesthesia drops. You can see his preparations, mostly senseless and humiliating duties, while the Madame Catarina is driving back home.

As Madame Catarina arrived at the mansion the butler has to open the door for her. The arrogant lady walks slowly through the hall because the butler has to kiss her high heels with every step she takes until she reaches the luxury office. Here he has to help her out of the fur and changing into another blouse and a tight blazer.

The Mistress checks her letters and some papers, then she gives the butler a sublime beck. He has to light up her cigarette and hast to hold the ashtray without any move. This creature doesn't really exist for the conceited lady. While she enjoys the cigarette the butler has to massage her feet.

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