Whipping & Caning

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The Lazy Slave 5

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As Young and spoiled ladies do, Miss Leni was out for shopping. When she returns, she finds her private slave laying on a chair, reading a fetish magazine and stroking his member.

He was told to clean every single room. Needless to say that the young Mistress gets angry immediately and that he will be punished now very hard. And hard means hard. Miss Leni does not care what kind of tool she grabs in her anger and so it happens that she holds an extreme painful rubber cane in her hand. Even this tool does not leave a lot of marks it bits into the ass deep under the skin.

And that's the reason why this lazy slave starts to moan a lot and he tries to beg for pardon but it's too late now Especially it is too late because Miss Leni's mood changes and as always she starts to enjoy beating him. Maybe the punishment is done but that doesn't mean that his suffering is over...

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