Whipping & Caning

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The Lazy Slave 4

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Either this slave is a very stupid or a very lazy boy or both. Again Miss Leni finds him sleeping in the dungeon although he was told to clean it.

Remarkable to mention that the young Mistress always has a cane or a whip in her hand. Dressed in a short leather skirt and very tight, black designer boots she appears in the wooden room. "What's going on here, you useless slave?", she hisses at him. The slave wakes up and needs some time to realize what happend.

One minute later he finds himself chained to the wall, the young but cruel Mistress behind him is already announcing a cruel punishment. But she does it with a devilish smile on her face and then the black bullwhip cuts the air and bits into his ass. Several minutes she whips him without any mercy.

But the end of the whipping is not the end of the punishment. It was just the warm up for the cane. She orders the boy to get on all fours and presenting his already hot and red ass for her cane. Her eyes do blaze in sadistic pleasure and then she makes her cane dancing on his ass...

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