Whipping & Caning

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The Lazy Slave 3

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Again, Miss Leni caughts her lazy slave wanking in front of pictures of naked women. This is more than a double fault because wanking is strictly forbidden and this stupid guy was told to clean the cellar!

But first of all: The young Mistress looks so stunning in her leather boots, the short and skin tight leather skirt and the tight blouse. Her long hair and her perfect make up make her look like a young goddess. But she is so angry with the lazy slave. She nudges him into a big leather chair and orders him to present his ass for a hard punishment.

Immediately she starts with severe salvos with the cane, that slaves moans a lot but that only makes her more angry. Leni combines the cane with another rubber cane and delivers a double caning to his already deep red ass. It takes a while until she starts to enjoy the punishment. There is a sadistic smile on her face now and that has never been a good sign for her victim...

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