Whipping & Caning

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The Lazy Slave

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This slave was ordered to clean the dungeon but instead he touched and gently stroked her designer boots and smelled the expensive leather.

Miss Leni, who returns from the cellars, caughts him and can't believe her eyes. "What are you doing there? Are you touching my boots? And how does that room look like?", she hisses at him and uses her leather gloves to beat him. "I can't leave you alone for a minute, lazy boy!", she continues, takes a seat and orders him to help her putting on that amazing boots. The slave knows, that will end in a servere punishment. Everytime, the young Mistress wants her boots, he is going to be caned.

And that's what happens. There is only one way to come down for the mean beauty. She grabs a cane and starts turning his ass into a red color. Needless to say that the spoiled lady looks so breath taking and you can be sure that she know that. There is so much arrogance inside that selfished girl, you can see it in her face several times.

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