Whipping & Caning

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Bound And Slapped

here we have again a new clip with empress victoria in the dungeon with 2 slaves. this is a continuation from earlier published clip of the interrogation clip.

just to remember the story: the other prisoner has been interrogated who is the smuggler in the prison and after a long hard and very painful punishment he gave in in the end and told the name of the guilty prisoner. and now this poor victiom is alredy prepared with his hands bound to a torture stool and he gets now what he has earned with the smuggling: a good hard dose of faceslapping and pain. empress victoria uses her leather gloves to slap his face til its as red as her gloves. he gets 20 vicious hard slaps with the gloves, then he gets even more strokes with her bare hands, while his mistress is sitting on him. she also torture him by digging her heel of her sexy high heel sandal into his legs. at least he gets final hard strokes now from her gloved hands while she counts the hits. wonderful classic female domination clip!

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