Whipping & Caning

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Cruel Riding Women

Lady Dana and Countess Constance return from the stabkes after a nice afternoon ride. Their slaves are crawling behind them. Wow, the ladies look so stunning in ther riding outfits, Their skin tight jodhpurs show off their perfect bodies. Lucky slaves, who have such owners.

Or may be not. The beautiful ladies are known as heartless and cruel. And so they have the idea to have a battle here which slave can take more pain. They decide that each lady will whip the slave owned by the other one. And so they start. The sound of their thin dressage whips is filling the air now, mixed with the moaning and crying of the slaves.

After a while one of the slave breaks down. What a loser. But the winning slave is no lucky boy. Both ladies are too excited now and they are still not satisfied. That means they both continue to whip the winning slave now...

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