Whipping & Caning

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A Hard Bullwhipping

"what are you doing here?" mistress akella says as she enters the hall finding her slave relaxing. "err... its sunday, its my free time!" the slave says. "so when its sunday, why wasnt you in church today?" "eeerg... i was in church mistress!" "you were ordered to sort these things out and clean them, why you didnt?"

so next mistress akella will show him HER plans for sunday and this means a hard merciless whipping. dressed in a superhot military rubber uniform she is armed with a long bullwhip and tie the slave up with arms raised high in the air. then the whipping starts. akella has a special technique whipping a slave as we never see before, but its very effective obviously. the back of her slave is covered soon with thick red welts all over and she whips him without any mercy till he is totally broken down!

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