Whipping & Caning

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Caned By The Riding Ladies

Mistress Jessica and Mistress Whiplash return from a ride and as always they are excited and in the mood for a good caning. A slave is always prepared for the arrogant women who still wear their amazing and stunning riding outfits.

Both ladies are dressed in skin tight jodhpurs, stiletto heeled boots, a white blouse and tight corsets. Of course they wear expensive gloves. "Look what we have here", Jessica says and she flexes her cane in pleasent anticipation. Nikki smiles at her and takes position on the other side.

And then the caning starts. Both ladies starts slowly but they enjoy to see their victim suffer. They beat him harder and harder and they push themself to a hard double caning. Everytime Jessica has placed her cane on his ass a hard stroke by Nikki is followed. The slave moans louder and louder and the ladies have more and more fun...

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