Whipping & Caning

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Endless Cruel Whipping - Part 2

Mistress Kassi is such a sneaky lady. One of her strongest slaves is changed with his hands up, another one has prepared her most painful bullwhips. It's for sure, this will end up in a very hard and long whipping. But first, Kassi sits down, dressed completely in black leather that shows off her perfect shape.

It takes only a few seconds and the dick of the slave is fully erected. Watching his Mistress in black leather... he can't help hisself. Kassi smiles and stands up, walks slowly closer and of course she says that a slave is not allowed to have an erection without her permission. It's so easy to find a reason for a hard whipping.

And a hard whipping is what follows now. Kassi uses different bullwhips, they all have different but dangerous sounds. One bites into the skin another one bites deeper. But they all are terrible painful. The next 15 minutes will become a nightmare for that slave but so satisfying for his cruel owner.

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