Whipping & Caning

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In The Bunker - Part 2

What happened before: This prospective slave was brought tp the house of Mistress Jenna and Lady Blackstone and he finds hisself now down in the bunker. It's dark and cold and a new night has come and he can hear the sound of high heels and someone turns the light on.

There is not a lot to say about this clip: Jenna and Blackstone return for a real workout. Their aim is to trash him with their canes. They beat him very hard and the laught at him a lot. Looks like they don't want to take anymore of lips lips. He need a lesson he will never forget.

And they are a very cruel duo. While Lady Blackstone stomps her high heeled boots into his neck, Jenna brings down the cane on his ass with full energy. Everytime one of the ladies needs a short break, the other one continues with the bearing.

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