Whipping & Caning

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A Small Mistake

This slave is in big trouble. Mistress Akella walks into the hall where the slave is bound to a metal rack. Akella is dressed in breath taking red leather. And it looks like this is the slave's problem. One hour ago, when he served the Mistress as her private butler, he has prepared black gloves although she wears red.

What looks like a small mistake is a reason for a heavy whipping in Akella's world. Every little mistake is reason enough for a strict punishment. Otherwise a slave would become more and more inattentive. A male slave needs the whip. That's a simple fact.

That's why Akella puts a gag into his mouth, because she knows he will scream. She chooses her favourite single tail whip, called the lady snake. And then the whipping starts. From the beginning the slave is jumping in pain and very soon there are red marks on his back. Maybe this will teach him to choose a matching color for the gloves next time.

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