Boots & High Heels

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Her Butt So Close - BRANDNEW!

Lady Iveta in a special position on a swing

Well, what's swinging in front of our noses? Well, not in front of us, this masked slave is a little luckier than us, although. So close to the butt? You have to reckon with every swing that your wet nose will disappear in the crack. But we are well aware that there could be worse than that. In fact, it's actually a very stimulating idea, isn't it?

Jolies Play Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

Lady Jolie Berrie dominating her little lube boy

The first impression is always crucial. The face of an angel, a dreamy body, but the hardness of steel and concrete! May we introduce Lady Jolie Berrie. Many have fallen for this first impression. It is rumored that many of them were never seen again. But of course, that's just an urban legend. Probably...

Cruel Trampling - BRANDNEW!

Madita Pain with shiny overknee boots above her poor victim

Hide yourself when Mistress Madita goes out for a walk with her most fearsome black bulldozing boots. Today she will certainly not take shortcuts but choose the direct route.

The Thorough Shoeshine Boy - BRANDNEW!

Mistress Cloe lässt sich die Absätze ihrer Boots lecken

Mistress Cloe is back and you will wonder what she brings on today. Dressed in an astonishing, breathtaking black dress she has a creeping little bootlicking worm by her side. We ever thought it is not possible to go down on the floor more than the last times but Cloe is always good for a surprise.

A Good Feet Licking - BRANDNEW!

Lady Iveta mit ihrem Lecksklaven

Eye contact is always good when you want to beguile a lady. Eye contact can be fatal when it comes to our Lady Iveta. So how should you react here? Our Lady Iveta at least looks like a hungry tiger at its prey.

Lick My Heavy Boots - BRANDNEW!

Lady Iveta blickt ihren Sub streng an

Where has our Lady Iveta been again? A walk in the woods? A walk through the park in the moonlight? In any case, she probably needed the heavy boots today. And how heavy. Her slave seems to like it.

Blowjob Training For Our Sissy Girl Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Lady Selina Morgan lässt ihre Sissy blasen

You could almost think they would be a dreamlike couple, our two cuties. But the impression is misleading. Lady Selina Morgen once again invited to one of her notorious blowjob trainings. Of course, nobody can miss something like this. If we're honest, neither do we. After all, we watch her from very close.