Boots & High Heels

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Before The Party

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Everytime before Mistress Akella leaves the house for a femdom night out, she wants her black leather boots very shiny.

Already dressed in a skin tight leather leggings and a stunning black leather corset, she watches her slave crawling closer, his head already down on the hard ground where her stiletto heels are. She tells him that she will go out now and with her riding crop she points out where the slave has to begin his work. He starts licking the expensive leather on her legs very careful, he must not touch the designer emblem with his tongue.

As always, the cruel lady is not satisfied with his work. Will he ever learn that he also has to lick the sole of the boots? He is ordered to lay on his back and show his tongue, so the mean Mistress can use it as a wiping cloth. She doesn't care about him, she scrubbs the dirty sole over his tongue, again and again.

In the end, he also has to lick the thin stiletto heels. A very dangerous part because the stunning goddess loves to step on his tongue with her sharp heel...

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