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Bootslave For Lady Chanel

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A bootslave is a man who spends his life under the heels of dominant females. His highest position is on his knees but normally he lays on the ground.

This clips shows Lady Chanel who demonstrate the usage of such a thing, called bootslave. The young goddes enters a fetish club, her designer boots are dirty from the street walk. So she grabs the chain of the bootslave, who is awaiting her under the bar stool, and orders hin to start cleaning her boots.

The bootslave immediately starts with his job. No matter how dirty the boots are and where the dirt comes from, he will lick them until the mean lady is satisfied. Of course, Chanel doesn't hesitate do correct him by digging her stiletto heels into his nipples. Or is she doing that just for fun? Who cares? It's simply a bootslave...

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