Boots & High Heels

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Bootslave In Chains

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Lady Chanel's personal bootlicker lives his life in chains, with a metal spiked collar around his neck. This time he is waiting for the Mistress chained to a wall in the club she owns.

Lady Chanel enters the club in skin tight leather leggings and exclusive, italian designer boots. She takes a seat at the bar and she only needs to snap with her finger to make her slave start cleaning her dirty boots with his tongue. With all his passion the well trained bootlicker worships every inch of the expensive leather and every inch of these spiked heels.

If the young and spoiled Mistress wants him to lick another area of her boots she simply pulls on his chains and his collar bits into his neck. She arrogantly smiles down at him: What a poor creature... but that's the right place for him.

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