Boots & High Heels

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Expensive But Painful Boots

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Miss Leni always wants to be worshiped by her slave! Today she wears a pair of very expensive designer boots, black leather hot pants and a skinny white blouse. A dream of every male but her slave lives under her boots!

He lays on the floor and the arrogant lady sits on a bench above him. She orders him to lick the sole of the boots and the slave tries his best. His hands are attached to a thick leather collar. There is no chance to escape even the young goddess rubs her boot hard on his tongue. As Miss Leni notices that his cock starts to grow, she drives one of her stiletto heels into his urethra. Immediatly the slave moans in pain and returns to his ordered job. But Miss Leni is angry now and without any mercy she milks him hard under her boots!

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