Boots & High Heels

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Lick My Boots While I Ignore You

"houseboy come here" "yes mistress" "clean my boots for me" is how this new clip with british pro dom miss jessica woods starts. the story is simple of this clip: slaves have always kept busy, all day and all night long. they never have free time.

this is their fate. so even when a goddess has some things to do just for her amusment like reading a magazine its a good situation to train a slave in boot licking. our slave here has to lick the leather boots of his owner all over. it seems he is already well trained, cuz he licks the boots all over as it should be and his owner doesnt need much words. she simply ignores him all the time while study the magazine. the slave sometimes look up to the mistress. maybe he hope that she looks at him, cuz his goddess has so wonderful eyes to look into, but she does not. poor slave… classic boot domination clip.

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