Boots & High Heels

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Painful Motivation

A slave is cleaning the yard as the sound of sharp high heels comes closer and Lady Chanel appears, dressed in a skin tight and shiny dress, seamed stockings and high heels. "Oh Mistress, I am finished in a few seconds!", the old slave says, believing devoutly he did a good job.

"You call this cleaned up?", Chanel asks with an arrogant voice and after a short discussion she is really pissed off. "Down!", she commands and the old slave lays down on the hard ground. "You will learn to do what I said", she continues and starts digging her sharp heels into his nipples. She turns the heel from left to right and back. The slave moans in pain but that was just the beginning.

Chanel now steps on his belly and starts trampling all over this pitiable slave. She stomps hard into his testicles and his chest, then she drills her spiked heels into his nipples again. There is only a short break before she mounts him again and this time she puts her full weight on her thin heels only...

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