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The Young Landlady

Since Jenna's parents went to another house and left the young lady in her own mansion, the old butler has a hard life. Jenna grow up as a spoiled daughter, she was daddy's darling, and she became an arrogant, selfished and dominant youg lady.

Now, she doesn't try anymore to hide how she thinks to spend her life. She wants to live as a goddess, she is the Mistress of the mansion and tho good old butler is nothing else than a slave for her. It doesn't count that he was loyal to her familiy so many years. He exists to obey and to follow every order. If not, she doesn't hesitate to beat him with her riding whips. She is everything, he is nothing.

As the young lady returns from the stables, she wants him to clean her expensive boots. With his tongue he has to lick all the dust from the stables and the street. No matter that it is hard for the old man to kneel down and bend over to reach the mean girl's stiletto heels. She doesn't care. Oh no, she takes care: Without any qualm she puts her booted foot on his head and pushes the old man down to the floor, where he belongs...

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