Boots & High Heels

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Spoiled And Snotty

Mistress Jenna is known to the butlers as a very spoiled and snotty daughter of the house owners. For the young and dominant lady the butler are slaves who have to obey and who have to do everything she wants. She especially loves to abuse the oldest butler in the house.

When she returns from riding and her parents are away, this butler has a really hard time. The mean lady arrives in skin tight jodhpurs, stiletto heeled boots, a white blouse that is opened too wide and a black leather corset. She is dressed to dominate. She sits down and orders the butler down on the floor. Coming back from the stables, her expensive boots need to be cleaned. With a human tongue, of course.

The old man has to kneel down and he starts to licking the boots. It's really hard for him because the young Mistress does nothing to help him. She sits in a very relaxed position and enjoys to watch the old man. Even as she wants her heels and the soles to be cleaned, she does not move her legs. The old man has to lay down and try to reach the heels. You can see how hard it is for him to be in this position but the spoiled and snotty girl doesn't care about him...

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