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After The Party

Was that a good idea to ask Chanel and Lori to stay after the party for a private trampling session? It seems this fetishist didn't know who he was asking for.

Now he founds himself on the floor and Chanel pricks her sharp heels into his legs before she steps on his belly. Lori joins her and now both young ladies stand on his belly. It's like a warm up because a few seconds later, Lori starts jumping on his belly like crazy. He is gasping for air but the mean girl is just laughing at him. Because now Chanel steps on his belly again and she also jumps on him, but she wears her stiletto heeled pumps.

There is no time to relax. Lori steps into his face now and makes him licking all the dirt off from her soles. Chanel joins her and pushes her heel into his mouth. And as he licks the sole of her pumps, she doesn't care about his face. There is on of her sharp heels directly over his eye. But the big final is just to come: Lori steps on his head with her full weight!

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